Hello, I'm Maria Wood. Thank you for visiting my page. I am a mother of three boys, a wife, and an artist of many hats. I paint, only with oils. I sketch. I tattoo. I write poetry, and have started on my first novel. If you have a comment you want to add feel free to do so. I am no newbie to critique of any kind. But please don't be disrespectful, thank you. I am avalible for comition on oil paintings and tattoo designs. I have a blog about diferant forms of art you can viset at http://artfulhelix.wordpress.com/ I would like to share a sampl of my poetry as well.

I am stuck in my head

what a sad place to be

words run round and elude me

Images flash by

some real some only mine

I stomp I scream I let it all out

I wish for peace but scramble about

Where have you gone o muse of mine

am I to stay here for all time

am I to run round desperate to fly

if only you'd come lift me to the sky

if only I could catch those thought that fly by

I sit and wait hands full

I sit and wish for only you

you fill my mind

yet my hands sit idly by

How long shall I roam

unable to return home

o muse where have you gone

I beg you wont you come

Make my idle hands fly

across my keyboard words wont come

still I sit and wait for you to return